letters from the road; airborne

There’s is a certain time warp onboard a plane. A certain stand-still. As if situations and life stopped the moment you take off and only resumes itself when you land.

I hate that. I hate that inability to do anything about anything midflight. There is no immediate info about the ones you care about, there is no comfort for any anxieties, but to wait, to wait untill life resumes on the other side. It is as if, as if there is no life, no death, no illnesses, no joys, no midflight. A suspended existance.

So these are my suspended thoughts this morning or night or who cares:

(1) this is the honeymoon. It should feel different, shouldn’t it? But it feels the same, that old familar comfort of sitting next to my closest and bestest friend. We’ve been many places together (and God willing, many more), its a familiar routine. He checks out the in-flight entertainment magazine, and can’t wait to make his choices. I curl up, and fall asleep before take off. Waking up only for meals. I write this over breakfast, half listening to denn chatter about avengers and battleship. I always tell him the stewardesses must love us. He’s an impossibly chirpy passenger, I just sleep through it all.

(2) its new zealand we’re heading to, my magical place. There’s juz something about new zealand that rushes and fills me with hope, and love. New zealand always makes me feel a little closer to God. Look Ping, see his creation. Each peak, each valley. Every shade of green and grey and brown and blue. Painted by his loving hand. I can’t explain it. Sometimes I am completely moved by the view I have to stop there and take a moment and breathe. This is where the ancient rocks meet the glassy seas meet the vast skies.

(3) that unadulterated sense of complete freedom. To drive to anywhere, stay anywhere. As I write this, we haven’t got a place booked for the night. But so what? We’ve got the car, we have enough funds, we’ve got warm clothes, and we’ve each other. New zealand does that to me. To turn the compulsive planner into this.

(4) a certain friend of mine, who is going through hard times. I know his default mode is to retreat into his forest and ask to be left alone for a few days to deal with it. You’re in my thoughts. God is Good, God is faithful, and he will carry you through. The God your Maker will never leave you.

(5) My grandmother is a very big part of my mother’s life. They speak daily on the phone. Grandma calls me when I’m sick to tell me to rest and not work so hard. Otherwise she calls me to tell me its ee-season and she made ee for us. (ee is like a little ball made of rice flour cooked in a sugar broth). And she made them pink for me, and white for my sisters. I worry for her, and my mother, and a couple of my cousins whom she helped to raise. but am comforted greatly by the conversation I had with her doctor and my grandfather.


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my world, out of your reach

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