my hufflepuff

because i’m getting married.

and of all my friends, my hufflepuff will probably feel it the most; so here’s a little comfort baby: wherever you go I am never far.

pictures from guangzhou, 2012.

i maintain that my hat is cute.

happy cos some really nice guys put our heavy luggage up for us.

because she understands my love for jackets and lets me bring one, buy 2 –on a two day trip– and wear them all.

as you can tell, its mostly pictures of me because she’s rather paranoid about strangers looking at her pictures online.

see our tired faces.

we’re too old to be cute, love.

but we can always try.

plane delay; i was clearly not too happy. hufflepuff had to push me around on the luggage trolley.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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