monday nights always gets me down

yea, i need it to rain a little. i need the night to sparkle a little, just a little please.

it all started with this tiny teeny stray puppy i saw this morning. i wanted to stop for it, but i was rushing to get denn to work, so i told myself i’d look for it on the way home. futile search effort, probably because i was sleepy. not that i want/need/can afford another pooch. i just felt i needed to help. it looked so helpless. was going to convince any friend of mine to take it in, save a soul.

then the awful tummy; urgh. churning churning churning the whole damn day. think i might be having a mild stomach flu, i dunno. i hope not.

then crap hit the fan with a particularly prickly problem at work, then mercilessly unending phonecalls to distract, irritate and disturb, then reviewing my overly short deadlines.

denn’s one liner of the day; “you mean to spend the week before your wedding doing stocktake reconciliation?!”  i retorted in a deadpan, “you didn’t expect any different did you?” wait till i explain to him this week i have to finish the accounts, before i can spend time next week doing the stocktake reconciliation. mind you, its manual reconcilation, not the use-a-PDA type of reconciliation. paper and pen to excel. 21 outlets. do the math.

he thinks for a while then he says “okay, i’ll help you.”

four words.  the wonderful thing is, i remember my first ever stocktake reconciliation, and the shock of how much work it was. and how he was there through it all as well. so he knows exactly what he is getting himself into. little wonder i’m in love with this man right?

the song goes: “when god made (dennis), he must have been thinking of me too.”


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my world, out of your reach

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