tank encounters

over the past few months, my fish tank has finally stabilized.

it all started because Quentin, my nephew learnt how to say “fish” and grandma had it in her head to buy Q a fish. i say it again, grandma wanted to buy Q a (read as: ONE) fish. she asks dad and i to (and we brought denn and ann) to a fish farm 3 mins drive from our estate. we ended up buying 3 tanks (a 4 footer, a one footer and a mini tank). 4 footer was supposed to be for our planted tank, the one footer was supposed to be for my 8 goldfish, and the mini tank for Q to bring home.

now that the fish fetish has passed—Q fell in love with Rhinos and grandma, try as she might, just couldn’t figure out the right permits as to how to import one — my tank has fallen into a mish-mash of guppies (top feeders), neon tetras, green tetras, head-and-tail-light tetras (middle/bottom feeders), and sucker fish (scum feeders). we used to have 2 albino algae eaters, 8 angel fish and sakura shrimp in there too, but my angelfish ate all the shrimp and began eating the tails of the guppies, who in turn took to hiding and drove one of my algae eaters to commit an unpleasant tank suicide. after a long counselling session and attempts to rehabiliate the notoriously cruel gang of angelfish, we called for a fish counsel and by majority vote the angelfish were to be cast out of the tank (the guppies were obviously nervous about the outcome, but those head-and-tail-light tetras swung their vote at the last minute, phew). of course there were cries of outrage and the angelfish gang had a strong supporter of high authority (read: Mariann) who threatened tears, so the angelfish were instead banished to the pond where they will live the rest of their lives with the carps. (we hear that they have begun amassing support in there again)

my point is, now i am bored, again.

what shall we introduce next? maybe a whole tankful multicolour fish/shrimp?


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6 thoughts on “tank encounters”

  1. hi, I am just getting into having fish and am looking for colorful tropical freshwater fish but it seems like everytime I find one that I like and really want I can’t find the name of it, like the ones above? AS well as another one I found that I cannot get out of my head, you seem to be very knowledgeable about them and I was wondering if I sent you a picture of the one I want if you could possibly tell me what it is called so that i can look it up!! You can reach me at blkboxter98@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance for the information.

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