so we’ve set the date

we’re getting married in approximately

137 days
3305 hours
198330 minutes
11899809 seconds

yikes! apart from being suddenly crazy busy at work (him) and suddenly having to change ALL my travel plans this week (me), i am suddenly seized with the wedding panic. and when i am in a panic, i make lists. lists and lists and lists and lists within lists. 

Wedding Dinner venue

    1. decided hotel, placed a tentative hold on dates
    2. had food tasting, it went well, our fears are allayed.
    3. flowers and deco, part of the package, various options available
    4. theme, part of the package, various options available
    5. rooms for overseas guests and wedding parties, acceptable rates
    6. tables, decided, allocated to parents
    7. wedding invites, to handmake or go with stock?


    1. have to discuss if elder can marry us in hotel
    2. marriage counselling, to be arranged
    3. flowers and deco, is there a package?
    4. music, to talk to friends to help out
    5. PA system & rehearsal, to confirm with hotel
    6. hymns, to select 4? is that too many?
    7. wedding verse, to pray about it

workout plan

    1. gym membership vs home gym? we bought a bench press (for him) and a cross trainer (for me)
    2. gym regime, HAHAHA
    3. shoes, because i need motivation. (bought the Adidas  adizero feather)

Wedding Dress

  1. To go with a package or to tailor? the package is inexpensive, but the dresses doesnt hit the spot. to tailor a dress is to be charged an exorbitant fee because its a wedding dress, when in fact the design i want is a pretty straight forward gown. anyone with a gown tailor to recommend?
  2. designs, dont get me started. how does one consolidate 26 years of planning and mind changing?
  3. material, to put aside time with mum to hit the fabric shops
  4. veil, i never thought there was so much thought that went into it!! omg, elbow or fingertip? mantilla, tulle or full lace? trimming or no? buy online or tailor or use what they have? i actually have this crazy idea to keep my wedding veil, so my daughter (if i do have a daughter) can use it for her wedding if she wishes. a veil is much easier to keep than a dress

Urgh, just talking about the wedding dress puts me in a funk.


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3 thoughts on “so we’ve set the date”

  1. 1. Elder can defo marry you in hotel so long you attend PMCounselling. If Katong, then so long both are duly baptized I think.

    2. Tailor at Jess if not too difficult, she makes gowns. Or go to Dang bridal to make a dress- she won’t charge bridal price if not gown I think.

    3. Custom make cards, don’t bother with handmaking them; pricey to outsource, bo Hua to do inhouse. Hotel should have. Or go to tecman to see their huge array. Then there is etsy.

    4. You can buy tons of stuff from etsy!

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