dear Q-ball

hi Quentin,

very very soon, you’d be a kor kor. and while i can’t wait to hold the new bub, i just wanted to take some time to say thanks for all the joy you’ve brought all of us– gong gong, ma ma, shu shu and xiao yiyi included. i can’t wait to see what other nonsense you’d get up to as you get older.

yiyi loves you. i loved you before you could see past your nose.

yiyi loves you enough to play diper-pirates with you.


i love the yiyi-face you make.








one day you’d love me more than the wiggles– even though that’s not today, or any day before today– and its okay. i’ll wait.

that all said,

you and me, q-ball, we’ll be forever bunny-buddies.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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