on isaac and rebekah

so here’s the background: when i told my friends that i was getting married (for real, yay!), i was actually very overwhelmed by the love and support they had for denn and i. immediately we had friends who volunteered to step in to help with planning certain parts of our wedding (thank you for your love), and there were some surprises there. i mean, i had a couple of friends who have gotten married– it never struck me, to volunteer my time, strength and effort in the planning stage. i am loved and blessed.

but ONE friend, one dear dear friend, R, challenged me to read the story of isaac and rebekah. (genesis 24, for the interested ones) and shared with me how she was looking for an isaac-and-rebekah kind of love– and challenged me to make sure denn and i have an isaac-and-rebekah kind of love.

this was a month ago, and today, as i sat in my car waiting for a meeting to start, i decided to read it. odd. rainy days always put me in a slightly pensive mood.  anyway, so i read a bit, meeting started, meeting ended, read the rest of it.

so, the big hooha about the isaac and rebekah kind of love. see, i was expecting this big fat epic Eloisa to Abelard kind of love or maybe a helen of troy kind of story. and of biblical love stories to pick, surely jacob-and-rachel  bear some consideration. i have most definately read the issac/rebekah story, i just couldnt remember what’s so romantic abt it.

came back and decided to discuss over fb messaging, the whole story with two of my friends, Z and R.

Z gave us a small commentary on it, on his own observations of the story (isnt wonderful to have friends who respond unexpectedly during a work day and can pick up a conversation he knew not head nor tail and put it into perspective?)

(fine art, by julie preston)

of course Z broke it down to lessons to take away, and now i know why R asked me to read it in the first place. it’s a simple story, about waiting on the Lord. its a story about faith. its a story about a girl, with a heart of service to a complete stranger and her reward, her complete faith in God’s intended and commands. its a story about a servant’s heart to choose his master’s son a bride not for her beauty but for her service, and how he got to see God’s response to all the signs he asked for. its a story about a boy’s faithful wait, in meditation and prayer for his bride. Z writes  “those involved chose to honor God first and witnessed how He worked things out for them”

but one thing struck me, even from the first reading.

the words go “he took Rebekah and she became his wife, and he loved her”

how stark, and how wonderful those words are. no fancy wax lyrical terms. just that. he took Rebekah.  and she became his wife. and he loved her.

read it for yourself guys!


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