top deck of the ferry

Its a different type of ferry they use every time. Sometimes its small and old, huge and solid, sleek and fast.
Today, for the first time I noticed, this one has a top deck. I love it. Wind in my hair.
Darren sits with a few of his friends.. I choose not to sit with them, hoping to get the pounding in my head quiet. Little by little, this old familar feeling takes over, the lights on the horizon, the smell of the sea, the whiffs of clove cigarettes by the malay uncles on the boat.
Flashback, to many happy memories at changi sailing club. My birthday spent there, mahjong with soo and wen, fishing with ry’s friends, the first kiss with den.

If not for anything else, den– we really should juz get a term membership here, unless the club is really in disrepair.

We start our powerboat classes soon! I harbour no hopes of passing the course.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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