20 days to Christmas

Two years ago, Christmas 2009, Den and i spent Christmas in NYC. there is no better place to spend Christmas, really. no better place than NYC. i didnt really like NYC when i first got there, i found it too cold (brr) and too cold (faceless stranger in the crowd). but Christmas in NYC is truly something i would never forget.

this cold city suddenly became so warm, with carolers on street corners, fancy parties spilling out of homes, trees trees trees of lights, ice skating rinks, caramel apples, eggnog, serendipity’s hot chocolate, scarfs and mittens. oh, i loved my New York Christmas, and i was so fortunate to have been there.

We curled up in blankets watching dvds in the day, caught a couple of Broadways and ballets at the Lincoln at night. dinner with friends, cooking for 8 guests, Bloomingdale and Macy’s, the endless subway rides. Our stay-cation at the Waldorf Astoria (my favorite New York moment), and the trinkets on the streets. I remember, us Looking for a church for Christmas morning!

we haven’t decided what to do this year for Christmas, i’m pretty sure it will be awesome. Christmas never lets me down.


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my world, out of your reach

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