Campervan dreaming

Today was one of those ’em lazy rainy sundays perfect for dreaming of life in a campervan. Little known I-must-do-this-before-I-die. Maybe one day when we have more moolah, and more time on our hands I can plan for one of these campervan trips.

Buy a 2nd hand vw campervan (it just has to be the vw.)




Spend no less than 3 weeks  months  living out of said campervan. Camper parks and whatnots.



Dennis says a flat out “no, no way” but I think perhaps if I broached this idea to huffle and if her boyf is agreeable then maybe den will change his mind.

I wish I was at the time in my life where I could up and go for 3 months without a return date in mind. How carefree. Next time when I have children I will tell them to go and do this, 3 months before they look for a job. When, pray tell, other than in our twilight years can we ever have he time to do this.

Den says his idea of something sillier oops, he meant similar to this is to say 3 weeks on a boathouse.


I say no, cos while I love the sea, I feel safer with land beneath my feet.

Or rent a villa by the sea. Maybe not villa, beach house. Or beach hut. We hear Nico has one!


But my heart is set, my new Zealand with My little vw campervan.

Sign up if u wanna come.

dunno where my copy from NYC went.. i had one of these campervan cookbooks, for daydreaming.







Before everyone gets their flower undies in a twist, might I remind you all, there are campervan parks where you can stay , to use the power lines, shower, cook etc… should you tire of sleeping in the van, they have available rooms for rent. Also, we can always just park our vw camper outside motels. It is just an option..

Ok, so the last pic is not a campervan photo, but a cabin photo. But you get the idea.


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