see, i am very envious of those couples you meet once in a while– kids in tow, careers on track, a place of their own, pretty fancy clothes– and you wonder, how did they do all that, have all that, and still remain as in love as the day they said “i do”.

its easy to bitch about them– he comes from money anyway, or she is so fake– but the truth is, i question, is it a bone-deep envy that makes us look for the flaws in their characters, rather than the secret of their success? is it a god-centered life? is it taking risks? is it having a wide network of friends across different industries? is it inherent smarts? or perhaps diligent smarts? is it their commitment to being relevant in today’s world rather than dream their life away?

tell me the secret!


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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