tis too, shalt pass

i’m so stretched, it is not even funny. alot to be thankful for, too little energy. alot of enuthsiasm, too little time.

no, the tattoo is not mine, and i still havent quite had the urge to get myself inked. largely owing to the fact that the vibrating needle scares me, and i cant quite find a phrase that will weather with me through all my days. but this too shall pass has gotta be one of my favourites– and something i repeat to myself, a couple of hundred times a day. i dont want to be so busy that i forget that this is a blessing, not a trial. i don’t want to get so boggled down with navigation that i forget the journey.

its been a whirlwind, here at the company, with recruiting, meetings, deadlines, handing over of keys, sorting out training manuals and of course, the inevitable politics. tempers, tears, defeats, victories, endless phone calls. that is my daily routine. but as each day gets more manic, i feel i have a better handle on it than yesterday. and that is more than i can hope for. 

an hour of play with the q-ball never quite fails to lift spirits– thanks che for understanding i needed a q-ball break. 

hitting the sack. the boyf is still not back from his pupil’s bash– but i cant wait up any longer.



Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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