vanilla dresses

there has been ample opportunity these days to dress up. and while that usually puts some pressure on me (compared to comfy old jeans and polo), recently i have been enjoying the process quite a fair bit. a lot of events, launches and dinners which require 1) a dress 2) make-up and 3) heels.

we went for a lingerie fashion launch the other day (va va voom, boys!), and while the brands were the newer (read: younger) brands, it was good fun to get out and socialise. dad’s fashion advice? short hem lines, and strong make up, turned out fine.

but as i have been getting interested in dress up, i have been noticing how and what everyone wears, friends, gfs of friends and fashion blogs. i am so sick of vanilla dresses. they are the dresses that require no creativity to wear, just plug and play. see, the idea behind dressing up to me is this: it needs to challenge some norm or other. a fresh factor behind it, whether it be accessories or a queer cut. there has to be an interesting factor to whatever one chooses to wear. just because you have tons of plug and play vanilla dresses, doesn’t mean you dress well. and please, please, dress according to your body type. flat is the new in, yes, but when the top is obviously too loose for you, the outfit loses its structure. and seriously, every girl needs a good pair of jeans that fits and moulds: nothing looks worse than jeans that dont fit your shape.

so today, i am throwing out (and finally clearing) my cupboard. bye bye ye old vanilla dresses.




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