midday inspirations

i love wedding photography, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy, even admist a bad day. i usually time (post-time) my blogposts, so it looks like i am writing often, but really they have all been prewritten and released later on. like this post.

anyway, i like this farm (i think) wedding, isn’t its simplicity so charming? and i like the flowers.. the pea will probably make a joke abt them looking rather phallic, but really, aren’t they charming?

Featured on the pretty blog

Cake: Nelle Cakes

Church: Delsma Farm

Décor: Elaine Venter from Bloemennice

Dress: Susan Ellis

Entertainment: Dukes Disco (www.dukesdisco.co.za)

Flowers: Elaine Venter from Bloemennice

Food: Delsma Farm

Hair and Make-up: Carla from Anuk

Photographer: Cari Eksteen

Shoes: Good old Woolies!


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