sneak peek into our kiwi roadtrip

In December, the boyf, the younger sister and i decided to go on a little roadtrip: completely last minute (as with all things with me), and for a little reward after Ann’s O levels and Den’s bar exams. :) boy, was it totally fun. we had no accomodations booked– we just drove, and stopped where-ever for the night, and looked for a motel/backpackers’/campervan park to lay our heads. thankfully we never had to spend a night in the car (for which my parents would probably skin me alive for subjecting their littlest child to the ludicracy of it all.)

anyway, Ann knew i was feeling a little blue about not having many couple photos, so she snuck some photos into my comp, (and then told me about it an hour later because she was upset i didn’t notice it… ). she’s still sieving through her 2 thousand photos, to vet through them (budding photographer– must take a million shots of the same thing).. but well, she got some out!

so here’s a little sneak peak!

picking up the perfect pebbles from a random pebble beach. we were still unadjusted to the weather.

stopping by the alpaca farm, because i love alpacas. they spit when threatened. see the colours they come in!

i do not know which beach this is, because we just stopped along our route for a little fresh air. we were getting car-fever from mariann’s crazy jamboree of ipod songs.

we saw tons of seabirds resting on this stretch of beach. its funny to see a whole patch of moving black & white mass, but when we ran over to take a closer look, they flew off. what a lovely photo moment. how nice to travel with your very own pocket-sized (almost) paparazzi.

 this is a little stream at the back of someone’s house. i dont think we tresspassed (oops) because it was kinda open from the road. we found it taking a wrong turn on route to the butterfly park. you had to climb down this bridge to get in there. took me a pretty long while to get into the stream (i was perfectly content sitting on the bridge watching Ann & Dennis scream about how painful it was walking on those stones barefoot) we took off our flipflops because of the fast moving water (i know, it looks so calm, but it wasn’t!) and our flipflops kept, erm, flipping to the side of our feet making it harder to walk!

somehow, i was assigned sunscreen duty on the trip (they both didnt want to get theit hands greasy). hur– coming from the girl who doesnt wear sunscreen unless she is in danger of sun burning.. anyway, we were on a boat in this picture (i know you can’t tell) on the way to a volcanic island. the pictures taken on the island would be so beautiful! i went to rangitoto island with the hufflepuff as well on our roadtrip three years before and i knew i had to go back.

okay, so we dont look too glamourous in this photo, but its a roadtrip people, and this was the last day of the trip. we were driving down the coromandel coast when lo and behold! we found an oyster bay! its true! den & ann both ate fresh oysters they hand plucked off the bay. i couldnt eat it, knowing it was still alive. o_O. dennis would have stayed there all day looking for oysters but we had a plane to catch and a car to return.


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3 thoughts on “sneak peek into our kiwi roadtrip”

  1. :) thanks angie, photos were all taken by mariann! pretty good huh!

    never too old for NZ, we were in the car most of the time because it was too cold out (winds winds winds!) but surely nothing compared to Montreal! moving over to Montreal, now that’s what i call an adventure! how fun!!

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