looking for a place to call our second home

so, after hemming and hawwing about it for ages (and i mean even before Den left for NY, and given he’s spent a year there and has been back for a pretty long while..), we decided to finally open our mouths to ask for some help with finding a flat/apartment of our own. while we haven’t quite settled the “buy hdb or buy private” issue, we are certainly keeping our options open, and have taken our first baby step to ask my cousin, L, who very successfully does this for a living, for some advice.

our questions must have sounded pretty stupid to him, considering we know next to nothing about buying a place of our own, but hey, who better to make a fool of ourselves in front of, when the audience is family. we are grateful he agreed to give us some advice admist his very very busy schedule, and glad we have someone we can trust completely to give us sound advice.

so herein, we begin our house hunt.

again, no ring on the finger yet (hold your horses, nico!!)– we’re not engaged yet, but hey we better get cracking since the wait for a hdb should we choose one, could be a 3-5 yr wait! thankfully L took time to explain to us the cash portions, an estimate as to how much we need saved etc. elementary, i know, but at least its a baby step!

we probably should start reading up on the hdb website & requisites. if any other well-meaning friend out there wants to give advice, we’ll pay for coffee. :) and if anyone else finds themselves in the same position as we are in, gimme a call, we can all embark on this journey together. will probably have to meet L another time because we only talked about the preliminaries today at Q’s birthday party.

note to self: read a little bit of the hdb website a day this coming week.


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