lea salonga

Lea Salonga makes for good company today as i buckle down to doing office admin, the whole day. and while it was mainly background music, this song struck me as it came on, it made me look up from the papers and watch the video. made me cry. (maybe its the admin work, haha). anyway, she sang this for her own wedding, see video clip.

In a while, in a word, Every moment now returns.

For a while, seen or heard, How each memory softly burns.

Facing you who brings me new tomorrows,

I thank God for yesterdays,

How they led me to this very hour, How they led me to this place.

Every touch, every smile, You have given me in care.

Keep in heart, always I’ll now be treasuring everywhere.

And if life should come to just one question,

Do I hold this moment true?

No trace of sadness,

Always with gladness

‘I do’


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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