electric dreams

(image from:  layoutsparks)
on friday, the pea and i planned to spend some time together because it is the last :( weekday we have together before he signs his life away as a lawyer on monday. reminds self that that’s life, we’re growing up. 

he promises our next holiday will be on his paycheck. pfft. as if a holiday is even on the horizon, right. 

anyway, he went to cut his hair and i went to walk around– and the piped music in the shopping mall we were at suddenly played “electric dreams”. it has never quite been a song we both identify with, especially coming from a girl that has NEVER been for mambo night.

anyway, the funny thing i wanted to log down to remember is that we had an sms conversation (because i was somewhere else), wherein we just sms-ed lines from the song to each other. it was oddly romantic, and the girl in the next loo must have thought me crazy because i kept laughing like a loon as the sms conversation progressed.

for an awfully irritating song, there are some very nice words in there.
so pea, this is for you: “We’ll always be together/Together in Electric Dreams”

and then, the pea got hit by the mambo bug and started texting me cheesy lines from mambo songs. i have to say though, its nice to know he still makes me giggle (okay more like laugh like a loon) after three years.

“And don’t you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you”

my boyfriend. the mambo nut.


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