my 3 am state of mind

its 3 am and i am only just done with my meeting. today was supposed to be our food fiesta with laophua, driving around to the far flung places of our little island to get the grub we always wish we had the time to drive to said far flung places for. but when we finally got to bedok 85 bakchormee, we had to skip it so that i can come back to handle this.

you know the feeling. the dreg of the tiredness that slowly seeps under your skin from being awake past your bedtime, yet your brain is still wired up, running in a million directions at the same time. your eyes get damp from strain, yet your fingers keep on clicking on random people on facebook–people who you hardly know and hardly think about and (with no disrepect intended) don’t quite give a hoot about, most of your waking moments. but suddenly, as exhausted as you are– something facinates you and you tell yourself “okay, one more set of photos. and then my brain would finally be ready for bed.” when the truth is, you kid yourself. you are tired– and yet the sadistic part of your own parts is trying to fight it.

going to read a little Max Lucado. have i ever mentioned how much i wish i could write like him? religious or not, i think he has one of the best use of imagery and analogy.

celia, out.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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