its been a lazy saturday; and i loved waking up to the rain. taking a little snooze in the afternoon with bronco’s family makes for waking up happy. well pleased.

so recently, on facebook, i found an old church friend of mine, called L, and boy am i glad we reconnected–its so wonderful meeting an old friend who knew you when you were still gawky and buck-toothy and filling each other in on the years lost inbetween. :) i am looking forward to seeing her around christmas! hoo boy.

talking to yux the other day about blogging, made me think how much i missed just putting pen to paper, metaphorically of course. and how i now blog like i was 14 again: because my vocabulary has shrunk. See, den! all my smarts have been diffused to you.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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