a puppy update

the puppies are all walking– running more like it– and its driving us all a little mental; there’s poop and pee everywhere– and its getting out of hand. anyway, we’ve informed the pea’s family that this tamarind bunch wants to keep the both puppies; as painful as that announcement was, i’m glad its finally out in the open.

yes we are keeping them both. no, i dunno how we will manage it, but i am sure it will be fine. yes, i am sure. the truth is, really, that (1) mariannlimeting decided one day to keep them both because she couldn’t decide on which one to give away. (2) my parents are both utterly in love with the pups– certain mornings we wake up and find them sitting on the floor outside their room playing with the pups.

but more logically, i think its because (1) we had to do HOURLY feeding for the first week of their lives; and because of the whole “critical” age issue and our worries (and my tears) over the fear they might keel over due to my inability to feed and warm them. (2) we were expecting 3 little boys; and instead we have one of each– like a matching set, know? (3) scottie and pepper have remarkably different characters; one is moody and takes a while to warm up, the other is game for anything gimmegimmegimme, one is a dream to bottle feed the other is sure to leave you with milk stains all over yourself because of the ensueing fight; one is huge and nearly the size of pixie the other is tiny enough to get lost in little nooks in the house.


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