looking like a clown

Photo credits: Leighton Jones

two nights ago, i got bitten by some damned bug and it left the tip of my nose itchy and swollen. obviously like most normal people do, i scratch at it, and must have scratched at it a couple more times when i fell asleep. woke up with a big red spot (now wound, rather than insect bite) on my nose. it stings, and i look damn silly.

but that said, this has proven to be a pretty good week: busy busy busy then the quiet weekend with the dogs. pepper and scottie are both well, learning to walk, which is driving all of us mad because this learning comes with sound effects. maybe they have just gotten more vocal, i am not sure, but it sure ain’t funny.

anyway, things are great, things are great. the pea and i attended a security fair at the MBS and we ran into Ms LYH; and oddly enough, it was very civil, or maybe even nice! the pea says that’s my wishful thinking– but it really was good enough for me.  i always told her i hoped she found some peace– and i truly meant it, and you know, i think she has. she looks much better now; and more importantly, i think she’s made some pretty important life decisions that she is enjoying! wonderful, really case-in-point, time really heals all wounds.

nice closure huh, thought you’d be so glad to hear, clarebear.

anyway, i’ve just about given up on trying a semblance of a relationship with certain people; i dont see why we all put up this song and dance, and pretend to be close when really we are not. it is nobody’s fault, neither yours, yours, yours or mine.  what is wrong with just being acquaintances. i could live with that.

dont worry my darlings roys and tien, i love you both very very much still. see how wonderful, despite how little we meet, i hold you two both very very close to my heart. or my cedar girls. we dont need to meet often to feel close– but when we do meet, we dont have to pretend.


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my world, out of your reach

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