be my sex bomb

source: we heart it

oh to be lean and lithe; been a long time– maybe even never.

okay, i’ve said before: flat is the new beautiful; seeing this picture i totally agree, again. le sigh.

i’ve finally found out where all the weight i’ve put on came from: corn. corn. corn. i am a sucker for corn. in the past 2 months i’ve eaten so much corn, especially when i am having lunch at home– i usually get our helper to prepare me a BOWL of buttered corn– haha– and i have just learnt how much that weighs up (pun intended).

there used to be a time, in my not-so-distant-past that we’d sit, bikinis on the beach, sand under our feet. its been a long time. i blame the pea– all those nightly suppers of peanut butter and prata. he has since stopped eating suppers; i, having the more addictive personality– clearly haven’t.

coupled with the fact that i gave up my gym subcription to put the money towards our travelling fund –and because lets face it.. i dont use the facilities as often as i should given the unlimited classes package i bought. calculating it out, i end up paying even more per class if i paid ala carte. not to mention the unpleasant last lesson where the lady next to me brushed her sweat on my arm. not a fan of other people’s sweat, thankyouverymuch.

time to shape up. :(


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my world, out of your reach

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