on the furkids

the dogs are all well, thanks for all the concern and the understanding guys. not to forget thanks for the prayers for sustanence and for patience. we appreciate it.

pix and the pups are home, and all is well. pix had some initial adjustment issues wherer she rejected the pups and refused to allow them to suckle. after one harrowing night, nature kicked in and thankfully, she has taken to possessive motherhood. the vet told us to make sure the pups get hourly feeding, so the first night was tough, but it has certainly gotten much better. the family and i have been taking turns (i do the night shift)– hourly feeding is certainly no damn joke. by day 3 we were all walking zombies. senia, our helper has been a huge blessing– her tireless patience is remarkable.

you know, i dont usually blog about religion much, but i just had to share: after the first night of having to force pixie to lay still to allow the pups time to milk, frustration and worry kicked in, i panicked like i haven’t panicked in a while. i asked of God, him being the creator of all things (this is my faith), to show me the blueprints of his design. that he created animals to be able to care for their own young, and do the necessary for them– afterall, lions in the wild do it, so do birds, even mice, why not pixie? this birthing of the pups have been so wonderful an experience–it makes me marvel, how wonderful His design is. they were born so lovely– and the detailing is exquisite, right down to little toenails.

anyway we havent named them yet, and we wont be doing so until they are about 2 weeks old. largely cos they are currently fat little wiggling sausages– we can’t tell much of their characters yet. their eyes are still unopened, and their legs still haven’t got strength, so we are still keeping our fingers crossed. one boy one girl. we have tons of pictures, but we will upload them later on.

bronco however, is in hospital with an inflammed gut. he has a bacterial infection, and is doing poorly enough to warrant hospitalisation. largely because he has mastered the way of spitting up his medication at will, and refused to take it. i slept poorly both nights without him– feeling sorry for the poor chap who has never been caged in his life. i hear from the vet he whinned himself hoarse. but there is little choice. he needs intervention.


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