on blogging

very recently someone asked me why i blogged. as in what is the point? everyone can read what you write, and on many occasions it gets used as ammunition back at you. it’s putting your whole life out there for all to read and judge.

but my answer is this. it is about standing accountable for your actions, and that’s not for now. that is for years to come, when we have children of our own. i read back to years before and the thoughts i had then, the infamous break-ups and the hurts and the tears behind the words. am i ashamed of myself, no. because emotions are never wrong, they just are. will i delete them for fear of someone reading it? no, because they chronicle my past– i am but the sum of my experiences. and you know, in my heart of hearts, i secretly (not so secret now) hope that when my own daughter goes through a tough time, and she reads something i wrote and identifies with it– maybe she’d find comfort and talk to me about it.


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my world, out of your reach

2 thoughts on “on blogging”

  1. thanks nathan, i think that is a creed we all need to live by. to be able to stand behind your own opinions and being able to take responsibility for how you’ve made another person feel. i am still struggling with it, but little progress is still progress, no?

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