my skinny rings

i love rings. there used to be a time where i would buy a ring from every holiday destination or at any significant milestone. (little has changed, really– i still love rings)

anyway, recently i have been very drawn to skinny rings, i blame roseark, they feature the most gorgeous things sometimes.

From Jennifer Meyer: thin gold stacked rings with precious stones

from munchkin designs: imperfect customisable stacking rings

from Etsy, another favourite haunt

By bloomstudio: dainty gold stacking rings: in yellow, white and rose gold

by tammy antoinette: Skinny Minis

by silverwoods: water rings in 14 karat rose gold

anyway i think you guys get my point.

as i am drawn to these ring stacks, i also think how lovely it is to wear just one alone.  so dainty, methinks.

case in point:

by proteales: a sliver of gold

so after my big hoo-ha about losing my brillant rose diamond (read abt it here), the pea and i were looking at replacement  another ring.

back then before the diamond got lost, while we were in the states we started looking at skinny rings (okay i say we, but really the pea has no interest in jewellry unless it scratches him accidentally). came close to buying a couple, but boy are we lucky we didn’t! because we recently found this lovely japanese designer. and perfect timing, cos well, we’re looking at rings!

romantic blue : found here

i can’t read japanese, so i guess i’d just describe it a little. its a skinny band of  diamonds set in 18K gold. tiny tiny diamonds that go all around. width of the ring is about 1 mm. ( i just measured!) and it has an inlaid tiny blue sapphire, trademark of this range.

it also comes in rose gold, platinum & platinum with solitaire. we got the yellow gold one.

it looks better in real life than in the picture!

we were actually pretty surprised that aurora jewellry in singapore carried the romantic blue line cos i always thought they only handled  simulated diamonds and semi precious stones. but apparently 3 of their outlets actually carry real diamonds. lucky for us, the branch we picked (because i had to go and see the ring in real life –since i found out romantic blue is now  in Singapore under aurora) were one of those 3 that did! serendipity! :) its so dainty, i’m so scared i’d knock the diamonds right out (again) but the pea assures me the shop attendant told him they could replace the diamonds if they got knocked out for a fee (free workmanship, but he’s gotta pay for the diamond.)



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