dont get in my way.

i am ready to wave the white flag and surrender; i really should do nothing else but stay home and curl up under my blankets.

this morning held such promise, the quiet rain, waking up to both dogs snoozing next to me, perfect start right. then everything, i mean everything spiraled out of control.

the pea refused to get up, bronco slinked away looking guilty (its very obvious when he’s feeling guilty because he faces the wall and refuses to move– i swear i do not know where he learnt that from, i’ve never punished him that way before)– and i do not know what he did wrong, pix went to poop in dad’s room (which is really rare as well, i do not know what got into them today), the car ran out of fuel, the big dogs had wet feet and tried to pounce on me, dad wanted me to do his stuff NOW NOW NOW when i had meetings planned, then i had to chase mum down (another story for another time)

and.. get this okay.. i lost my diamond. my little brillant rose diamond by sookee. i mean it. i lost the diamond, not the ring. and how did i find out? because i got a huge scratch on my face from the metal prongs that USED TO hold the diamonds.

and we tried looking for it, but 1) its not very big 2) i hit so many places today i wouldn’t know where to begin.

tres sad.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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