dont spill the nine bowls of soup

so yesterday i went to drop off a cd for cherie and got to spend some time alone with Q. also because i was waiting for the pea to be done with school, i had perhaps an hour (or two).

anyway, Q and i listened to nine bowls of soup, by They might be giants. so insanely funny, his expressions through the whole video, and despite him (q) being only 5 months old, it is as if he really understands.

anyway, after that, manyants, the pea and i went for a long lunch and had tons of fun singing it in the car as well. (the pea sings the part of the ICKY-o-saur). it’s actually an ichthyosaur, there are actually fossils of it at the Natural History Museum in NYC!


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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