dont watch the wrong cloud; fireworks.

its national day weekend, and this year has been a very special year, for us here in Tamarind. largely because alot of our friends have been involved in the planning and execution of the event. i for one, was very excited to go to the parade–and every other person (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the gist) was a familar face.

a childhood friend of mine got married this weekend.  G & A were best friends when she was 14/ he was 16 respectively, then they grew apart. somewhere along the line they rekindled the friendship and a little bit of pixie dust, and a whole lot of God’s leading, ended up at the altar, exchanging vows. everyone knows how much i love weddings, so i took extra care to make sure all my make up was waterproof. the pea had a laugh about it and i said how i’ve grown past my romantic notions. but hoo boy, it was so touching and sweet, i definately felt the tear-jerk. maybe too long never cry.

then chair turned 30, a small intimate party. the bub was well behaved too, i must say– and i am awful glad we brought him last week to the full (i mean full works) mani pedi, where we took turns bouncing him on our knees. (chair and i had the mani pedi, not Q)

we had drinks with some old friends too (my old friends, not the pea’s) and it was so good, just languiding in the company of old friends, friends that studied with me through the O levels, and were the ones i looked forward to seeing every friday afternoons and weekends. even though i no longer am close to them (they are still close; and i think we all have too much history to allow me to be a part of them again), it was very nice of them to extend the invitation for drinks to the pea and i. and in many ways, i am thankful we went.

the pea sits across me in the office as i type this. he’s funny, his hair is sticking up in turfs. this morning i woke up to pixie sitting asride his tummy (luckily she has no fear of heights, sniggers), staring at his nose. i wish the iphone was close enough to snap a shot.


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