being older now

its been a long time since i have been embroiled into the world of women-politics, largely because since i’ve been basically working for myself (so the only other woman, well, is me), and that my job industry is largely male-populated. frankly, i’ve lost my taste for girls and their games, and i do feel, we’re a little too old for it.

see, usually its just me and the pea. he’s not just my boyfriend, but my live-in partner. he doubles up as my best friend and my punching bag from time to time. we get along great, especially since we’ve worked out our little routines, and ever since we got the 2nd blanket so we dont have to share one, things have been great.

then there’s the best friend, hufflepuff. it’s really just me and her. so well, there’s very little politics there.

i am the 2nd of 3 daughters, and again, while i am usually the fight-starter, they all know i can’t endure the silent treatment, so sooner or later i cave in when they refuse to talk to me. plus, the last time the shorty and i had a fight, i went over to cuddle and coo and everything was great. cherie has a baby. everyone knows yiyi is a sucker for Q.. there’s very little i wouldn’t do for a whiff of Q, yes i have no pride in that sense.

my friends are great– there’s no politics there either– the cedar girls are wonderful. i can’t say we all got along during cedar days but everyone is, importantly, happy when we meet up. truly happy for each other and to see each other. see, no more bitching, and trust me when i say coming from a girls’ school, no one plays politics better than we can. but we’ve all outgrown it already and people who used to be spitting in each other’s faces are now all okay with each other. the smu girls i meet once in a while (debs, where are you) are great too– they assure me time and again, they genuinely enjoy me. (private joke)

the rest of my closer friends are all guys, so again, no politics. right boys? :P

so this leads me to my point of this post: it upset me greatly, that a friend of a friend, lets call her Spider who has very recently been re-introduced into this social group of mine (which i would not name), meaning she’s been more or less MIA when i got close to the group.

and now she’s back, and while there seems nothing wrong on the surface, did she really think i, or my pea, would notice her refusal to speak to me, in my own house, no less? pfft. i dunno where the animosity is coming from really, cos i hardly ever know Spider. she seems completely fine with the rest of the group, laughing and joking.

lady, you dont get to come to MY house, and give me the cold shoulder.

but for my boyf, i will lun.