oh, you'd be so gorgeous

more bridesmaid dresses.

oh you guys will be so beautiful, right? i still havent decided the colours, or whether we should do same fabric different styles, or different fabric different styles different shades of the same colour, or totally different colours same style, or… so many permutations.

(there’s four of you by the way: Sooli, Steph, Ann & Charmaine)

 from Impressions bridal (http://www.impressionbridal.com/)

 from Impressions bridal (http://www.impressionbridal.com/)

(dont remember where i got this picture, i had it saved in my files forever)

from val stefani (http://www.valstefani.com/)

cant trace the image

dresses by Jcrew & BCX; photography bybkb photo (http://www.bkbphoto.com/)

Bridesmaid Looks: Nicole Miller, New York, NY
Photo By: Katie Moos Photography, Camarillo

Bridesmaid Looks: David’s Bridal
Photo By: Clark + Walker Studio, Troy, NY

Photo By: Michael Branscom Photography, Philadelphia


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