small intimate affaires.

see, recently the pea and i have been arguing a fair bit of how big (or small) our wedding should be. i am leaning towards a small wedding affair, so that i can handmake all the details and let everyone leave with something made from the heart, not a corporate gift mass produced. the reason for the lack of updates is not so much that i have been busy, but really as i look at more and more wedding blogs, i panic about having to fit all those ideas into one day– and worse, the pea wants to have it big & ballroom scale. see, panic rising. the princess is so not a people person.

i am leaning towards the small and intimate.

so here is a beautiful wedding, note how many guests she has at the ceremony.

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One thought on “small intimate affaires.”

  1. Of course you two should reach a compromise. My husband and I had a 40 people wedding (our families and us included) and it was not only very manageable but also it was the sweetest affair ever! Seriously, the best wedding I’ve ever been to! :)
    The kind of intimacy its generated in a small wedding makes it super special!

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