my 3 am thoughts

actually its 3.31 am exactly as i write this. the house is asleep save for me and mum. she woke up at 2.50 am and is using the office computer to play games. spider solitare i think. its funny, i went over to talk to her for a bit, and it’s probably only on these serendipitious occasions (i only realised she was awake because the pups were sniffing at the door) that mum and  i actually talk to each other. today’s topic, death.

this is largely brought on by the news that the spouse of someone close to us has unexpectedly passed away– and our hearts are very heavy about it.

i started to write a blog entry yesterday, about how this is the life — the boyf is back from NYC finally and has unofficially moved in (he has moved in in reality, but i think it still feels less pressurising to think of it as a long term staying over); the business is back on track; the important tenders are submitted; the pups are healthy; Q is healthy; the prefect  shortie isn’t as angsty as she used to be; just got back from a weekend getaway w the breastfriend; had my (second) fill of New York (within 6 months). just stocktaking and being thankful for my lot.

just as i was typing up the final paragraph of my abovementioned post, murphy decided to pay me a visit — cordless phone spoils as i was waiting for an important call from Hong Kong ( I have misplaced the warranty card, as usual), the accountant calls to ask for 3 months past accounts, the other business project suddenly took an unexpected order and delivery up of goods in an insanely short timeframe, realised simba’s ear was infected; bronx’s messy eating finally caught up with him when there were ants crawling on his whiskers (the small black ones, not the bite-y ones) and, of course, cramps.

but life is still good– nonetheless.

pixie sits on my neck as i type this, bronco sleeping across my ankles. i am getting tired of being the pup’s junglegym, especially when they squirm and push against each other to nestle as close as possible. but so cute laa.

rambling thoughts, forgive my inability to be coherant.

pish posh, tomorrow will be a good day.

breastfriend, i am keeping my fingers crossed for you. jia you.


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my world, out of your reach

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