puppy woes

bronco has been a real terror, he’s been keeping me up with his constant whining (think of joel on j&k+8) but at 2 am in the night when you gotta be up at 6, for the most important meeting of your career. why? fear of thunder. save my soul, the smally reminds me its gonna be this way for a longgg while more as we start the rainy season, here in singapore.

pix needs constant reassurances, so she sits/sleeps and even tried to eat on my chest. she’s refusing to be more than 2 meters away from me. the only time when i have privacy is when i’m showering, like actually showering. even when i brush my teeth, she’s at my feet, waiting to be picked up. when i am in my office, she’s there. even when i sit on the throne, she sits there, quietly looking at me–through it all. 

its quite ridiculous, this situation i’ve landed myself in.

everyone says i’m spoiling them, but i can’t help it, really.

its true love.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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