wedding cards, handmade.

i havent been much involved with the world of art (those days of visual arts club has been a long time ago.. mind you, its visual arts, not audio visual arts.) but i’m pretty sure when the time comes, the invitations would be hand made (and then mass printed on cards). very torn between doing it up nice and fancy with all this beautiful scrapbooking materials, and having it plain and simple.

check these out!

the bride (Megan Hunt) writes:

The graphic components of the invitations (stick figures, speech bubbles, some type) were hand-drawn by me, and then scanned into photoshop where I edited them to be a little “cleaner.” I ordered custom 17×5.5” paper from, and they were very easy to work with. I used photoshop to align the panels of the invitation and printed them with this huge, nice Canon printer at my parents’ house. Then I just folded them all, and used a perforator blade to make the last panel detachable to send as an RSVP!

The labels for the envelopes were wrap-around labels that I just made up in microsoft word. I bought 8 1/2×11 size sticker paper, and just printed them and cut them out of the sticker paper to be labels!

how lovely, and how sweet right?

(ahem, sooli and steffie, stop looking away from the screen– you know you’d be involved right!)

maybe even get some of the cedar croonies to draw for me.. remember our craze with drawing the semi-stick figures in sec 2?! i remember fuzah had wonderful drawings; yaq too!

hurhur. when the time comes.

oh, dear pea, your hand writing, though horrific.. might just be the perfect touch, all to show we did it all ourselves. maybe not.. the guests might think we’re throwing a halloween themed wedding..

caligraphy, the beautiful Bryn Chernoff of Paperfinger (ooh, i am a biggg fan, i follow her blog quite closely)

you must check out her portfolio, her words are lovely!

she will transcribe love letters too. for US $200 a pop!


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One thought on “wedding cards, handmade.”

  1. “oh, dear pea, your hand writing, though horrific.. might just be the perfect touch, all to show we did it all ourselves.” You’ve gotta be kidding… I’ll help with buying the paper, and (maybe) refilling the printer ink cartridges when they run out…

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