for the love of tulle

for a long time, i’ve threatened the hufflepuff (the best friend) to put her in a tutu for my wedding. (the prefect has also panicked on many occasions over this). as much as i know they will all skin me alive for making my bridal party wear a tutu (oh steph, wouldn’t you look great!), but honestly, it will be beautiful, just as you all will be.

i love tulle. i love tulle. need i say it again? what’s not to love about tulle?

maybe the whole facination started, episode 3 season 1 of gilmore girls, of the wedding of twins to twins, where there’s this scene of the independance inn shrouded in tulle. “LORELAI: OK, I need more tulle here. I need the feeling of a major tutu, OK?” 

anyway, there’s this wonderful shop on etsy, ouma by monique that has the most gorgeous creations. beautiful. i love, i love, i love. and oh my, her descriptions of everything– makes my retail heart water.

she has a collection called “The Queens Croquet-Ground” (hello, isnt the name just perfect?)

3/4 length, customisable to height (hello prefect, you definately need customisation) and available in: antique pink, blushy peach, light aqua, periwinkle. comes with top of choice sewned together — tube, tank, tee, racerback, scoop neck USD $325 


tea length tulle skirts, also hand dyed USD $260.00. (ok, at this point, i assure you its not just the photography that’s getting to me, okay. but you must admit, hanging clothes lines just look so wonderfully vintage)
and some of her other stuff are just plain fun — just to whet the appetites:
(the one above is a rosy-brown color, and the one below is a dusty rose color)
and of course, she does the bridal gowns as well.. bless her heart.
even if not for the wedding, i just want an excuse to have one.

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6 thoughts on “for the love of tulle”

  1. yes, they are pretty, and i like looking at them.


    i will be silently grumps. do you want that? HUH? HUH? HUH?? hahaha.

  2. no la, you’d be happy when you actually wearing it, how not to be happy in tulle..

    today i was with my mum at plaza sing and we saw this cutest tulle tu-tu, and i showed it to her and told her about this blog post and she burst out laughing because she said it’d be so sweet.

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