howdy doo!

you see, the pea and i have been exchanging these huge image files on skype and discussing our big day. yes, i know, my old friends would scream about how i’ve always wanted to be wedded when i reach 24. well well, that glorious number is not so practical and feasible anymore, i must say. and its mostly me, because i am now fully thrown into the depth of working in a family business.

so as far as this goes, this is our log-chart of our discussion, discussion minutes to be more accurate. as well as mood boards, table scapes, flowers, hair (oh my what do we do abt the pea’s hair!)

so our planning goes here, possibly here, for a long time more. but a girl, even a princess, must be allowed to dream a little, right?

people who are finding it odd why we call him “the pea”, is because well, he’s the pea to my princess. geddit?

those that dont need to revisit childhood tales.

P.S. 3 addenda by the pea:

1) The first sentence should read “you see, i have been sending to the pea these huge image files on skype and discussing our big day.” Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about our big day – I just can’t really discern the difference in visual ecstasy elicited by pastel blue versus sky blue wedding invitations (I am, after all, a guy). Best to leave these earth-shattering decisions to the visual arts club president.

2) The pea’s current hair (I’d say hairstyle, but I’m not THAT narcissistic) is meant as a rebellious response to the 4 months of nagging by the princess to cut-my-hair-TODAY [hereinafter referred to as simply “the nagging”]. Since it was “the nagging” that contributed to the aforesaid problem with the hair, I don’t see why the princess has any standing for further criticism. Further duress might trigger further rebelliousness to just shave-the-whole-damn-head-bald (don’t say I didn’t warn you… ;p)

3) The pea has been christened the pea against his will (FML). Really. Will smack anyone (other than C) that calls me that  – whether electronically or to my face.


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20 thoughts on “howdy doo!”

      1. hi dennis! ask jon to tell you about his alcohol-induced fantasies involving you, celia and vikram (the night after the llm ball)! (Hi Celia! you have great wedding ideas!)

  1. that comment scares me, really.. jon, vikram, dennis and me?! wowwee. scary.

    haiya, quite honestly, we’re just in discussions. den and i are nothing alike as you can tell. he hates the stuff i like and honestly after his whole dragon-jeans saga (i’ve heard all abt it), i really think its vice versa. we need friends to intervene really!

  2. Jon has ‘alcohol-induced fantasies involving [me], celia and vikram’ ?!? Wtf… I am a little disturbed as well… Think I’m gonna put that on my fb profile (name-and-shame ftw!)

    Hey, what’s wrong with the dragon jeans?!? Cheryl, you must understand, C has weird taste…

  3. Cheryl: you sound almost gleeful that your boyfriend has fantasies of peeing on my (dream) pair of jeans – very curious.

    Andre: Very funny bro… So when’re you arriving?!?

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