mango and simba

..they decided to go on a long walk (by themselves, without permission) and ended up lost, and caught in the rain.

we’ve been mildly panicked at home (they usually find their way back) or someone would find them and trace us to them because they’re both duly microchipped. searched the estate to no avail, and worried ourselves silly.

horror of horrors, today i received the call from the AVA, that they found one (ONE!!) golden retriever, traced to me. female, they said. wandered off to saraca. and some nice lady sent her back to AVA. the AVA guy must think me crazed because i kept asking “where’s the boy?! where’s the boy?! they left together, they wouldnt usually split up!!”  his reply was quite curt. “madam, if i found two, why would i keep one for myself ah?” (?!!)

another cause for panic was because simba has a skin condition, very few people would have adopted him. he also has microchip issues, because when we adopted him, the vet scanned him for a microchip, and we didnt find one at that time. so i microchipped him again. but it turns out he has 2 microchips– one that leads to me, and one that leads to a dead end. in the event that someone sent him to the SPCA and they scanned him and found the 1st microchip that isnt the one i registered, the poor boy wouldn’t stand a chance.

so i called and called the SPCA and left countless messages to tell them i lost my golden retriever, a boy, he has black skin, and a really round head. 

and finally around 5 pm they called me to say they got him, someone sent him in.

so both dogs are fine, (both came back with ticks) but otherwise, they are okay and resting. more importantly, they are home.

as a precautionary measure, i got dog-tags (millitary style, haha) for them both with their names, and my hp number to call in the event they run away again. AND we’ve all decided that they shall now reside at the back of the house (away from the gate) at least in the day.


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