my moment

we’re being introduced, so she’s(“v”) introduced to me by another person on the table (“friend”) as “the brother of the bride (BOB)’s girlfriend”

here’s what followed..

friend: ohh, how do you know (the bride)?

c: hi, i’m ping, i grew up with (the bride) and (BOB), we’re all family friends.. (c remembers how her mother was telling her what a nice & sweet girl (BOB) was dating, and how pretty she was) .. actually you’ve probably met my parents (points to parents) cos they mentioned they met you at some function recently.. maybe christmas, or a birthday?

friend: which fuction? recent fuction?

c: (alarm bells ringing in head; frantically thinking why there was a function i wasnt at, whattt could that be?!) i dunno.. some fuction or other, actually come to think of it, i dunno why i wasnt there myself.

friend: errr, well, this is (BOB’s) new girlfriend, like very recent.

c: ohh. hmm. (stunned silence, turning pink)

girl next to c: (snorts into drink) haha, well, this is awkward.

c: well. i’m 25; shouldnt i have grown out of sticking my foot into my mouth at such times

girl next to c: hahaha, no, i do it all the time!

v: (fumes)

c: o_O

although, maybe v couldnt hear me properly, because it was very noisy. haiya, so paisay.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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