dvd woes

my mother constantly gets upset everytime i go to the dvd shop because 1) i do not buy the shows that she watches [i watch taiwanese drama, she watches korean] 2) it is actually rare that i finish watching a series, because somehow i get distracted by a better, newer, showing-on-tv-now show or i get bored with the story line.

the pea’s sister constantly tells me to just stream the shows, but 1) the internet connection is really bad at home thanks to the poor laying of cables under the road outside my house and 2) i rather the plug-and-play dvd. 

but i tell you, this current dvd set i am watching, is sooo slow, i cannot take it. i am already watching it on fast forward, and i was supposed to start the last disc tonight. alas, when i put it in, i realise i have 6 more episodes. shite. i know. by this time if i watched till the last disc i’d be frantically searching for an excuse to stay up to finish. but 6 more episodes is very long more lorhh.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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