bear with me

occasionally these bouts of romaticism hit.

i do wish i could turn back the clock and actually have a jc-uni romance. the type that you can go to school and see him, and everyone knows you are a couple, perhaps have your own classes but breaks and after school, you know someone is waiting there for you.

weitien, royston, sooli, stephanie, candice etc all had one. its not fair. i want to be 17 again.

running the taps on the boys i’ve dated.. ryan was in AC(B) when i was in cedar, then he went on to SA when i was in AJ. Adriel was in AC(I) when i was in cedar, then he went to VJ for the first 3 months when i was in AJC. gabriel was from CJC when i was in AJC. keefe was working when i was in SMU. JP was in SMU when i was in SMU but we were only dating and no one knew we were dating, we werent that serious, and we only attended classes together after we decided we’re better off as friends. the pea was in NUS while i was in SMU. 

haiya.. so unfair, i want one of those, he walks outside your class to grin at you, the type that waits at the foyer for you to alight from the car, the type that waits in school for you to finish class so you can catch dinner together, then go home together. i’ve never had that! oh to be seventeen again.

look at sooli, who has been dating wen since sec school, how nice right! to have your boyf get into trouble for holding your hand, to always look forward to recess cos you can eat together, to go home together, to be together all the time.

or like tien, to have a gf in jc that everyone knew about, breaks together, valentine’s bouquets in school. to see her grin madly when she sees him walking outside the class.

haiyaa. i want a school-romance laaa.

peapea, maybe we should further our educations further. then we can be classmates. how nice right!? u do the homework for me while i cook dinner. then you can teach me all these stupid science theories, and i can teach you literature. take a time machine back with me la, we can go to a co-ed school and date from then. how nice, how nice!


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

6 thoughts on “bear with me”

  1. haha omg dennis’ reply is hilarious.

    high school (or uni) romances are overrated. you fight over who didnt book the gsr and who made the project a C and who screwed up the formatting of the report and all sorts of silly stuff.

  2. haiya, cand.. your comment about you and kokz on your blog “but 3 yrs on and still feeling brand new..” is so sweet loh.

    i also want a uni-boyfriend.

    green eyed.

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