where are these boys?

i’ve been watching these taiwanese dvds, and i must say, some of them really rocked my socks — to the “omgomgomg it is soo late and i still cant stop watching” extent, whereas some of them are easy pillow stories, you can stop anytime to take a nap, sleep or just surf the net while the dialogue is ongoing.

but then, where are these boys in real life?? the kind that willingly-unprovoked, ask a girl officially to move in with them — instead of us girls moving bits and pieces of ourselves into the boyfriend’s place– a toothbrush, spare undies, clothes, moisturisers, facial masks, (in my case in my previous relationship, a minifridge). but this beautiful boy in the show, goes crazy to redo up his place for her sharing, makes a whole shingdig about passing her the keys to the apartment.

how nice, especially in our context, where you hear these horror stories of girlfriends who demand marriage and keys and demand that the boyfriends have to move out and move in together.

how nice, to have a boy make all this decisions, rather than the girl having to initiate.

maybe i was wrong about taiwan afterall, boys. i think perhaps its time, to visit taiwan on holiday to find ourselves these real, sweet, manly, protective men. sooli, are you with me?! stephanie? jingxi! rachael! lets go get us some boy with long tresses with such wonderful words.  please leave jerry yan & wu chun to me okay, i stake claim and i can enjoy them both. *slurp*

royston & tien: i’ll bring you along too, if you’re interested in taiii meis,


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