a proposal for chair

hello chair,

 i spent the last 10 mins staring at pictures of milk-engorged breasts (feeling poorly about my lack-thereofs). i think this should score me some points at least right, you know how i totally dont fancy seeing weird shaped boobies.

in light of my effort in reading up,

i promise i wont feel the need to share with you the tips and advice i have read in this due course unless you ask me.

i promise to give your nice mammary glands a good rub (see guide pictures) without a snigger and without calling them udders.

i promise i wont squirm or make bad titty jokes.

i will be pleasant and your willing helper, i’ll fetch you your raspberry leaves tea, and a cushion for your back. you wont have to worry about me eating your confinement food because i hate the stuff anyway.

i promise to bathe and brush my teeth, tie up my hair all tight before i go over, and i promise i wont even touch the puppies from the point i leave the bathroom so i’d still be super clean by the time i get there.

i promise i will leave without as much as a pout when you need your space.


please please please? *flutters eyelids*

i’ll throw in a nice pure aloe-vera facial and a love-love (trailing fingertips type that you like) massage ok?



Author: c

my world, out of your reach

3 thoughts on “a proposal for chair”

  1. I haven’t had time to check out any blogs for the last three weeks. But thanks for the post. Yes, breast engorgement is horrible. But its over now- i hope- so ah well.

    By the time i read this, you already got to spend time with Q. Things should get better here on- again, I pray and hope- so when you feel you need a Q fix you let me know. :)

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