this family is stuck on dvds

so it started last saturday when i went with my little butterfly to tiong bahru plaza — she stays nearby. and on her recommendation, came home, laden with  sets of taiwan dvds. i am quite a dvd junkie, because as old readers are very well aware, the sand-man takes a long time to come sprinkling sleep dust, so i basically watch a happy show until i fall asleep. taiwan shows, perfect. they’re not weepy (unlike the korean dramas) and are usually light hearted. story line wise also pretty easy — not too many complications you miss when you fall asleep.

then the prefect decided we’d bring mum to the dvd shop after dinner. big mistake. they came back laden with this super epic long drama. i mean LONG. so for now, we’ve moved dinners to the front of the house. dad’s a little peeved cos he’s left behind because he went to golf on sunday and missed the whole deal of how she became a princess. but for the past few nights, and tonight, the family is glued to the tv even after dinner. 

i fell asleep at 8.30 pm, and when i woke at 10 pm, they were still watching.

as i type this, in the comfort of my own bed, they’re still watching.

still watching, still watching.

this is rather nice, isnt it?


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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