a&g are getting married!

2 of my church friends are getting married, i am tres excited for them! the first one in our batch! how wonderful! :)

how nice.

attending their wedding would mean seeing A~ (not the bride, she is denoted by A, this is A~). no problems, we’ve been friends for this long, and i havent seen him since he got back from the Michigan; how nice if we could sit down, have coffee and just be at ease. dont think that’s possible anyway. the last real conversation we had was over me not flying over there to meet him for christmas years back. we had this plan, this crazy plan to go on this roadtrip, in celebration of our reconciliation of years of estrangement (my fault, not his) but alas, it did not come to pass. attending A & G’s wedding would mean seeing A~, finally, after this ker-zillion attempts to meet up. MM will probably be there (yes, they are still together!) and i wonder if there will be a weird awkward moment.  hahaha, i havent thought about what happened the night before he left till now. how young, and foolishly silly we were, all this ever after promises.  and the blog issues– omg, i almost forgot. i wish i’d just shut up and bit my tongue over it. why oh why did i go and confront her? now, when she sees me, she’d end up remembering. note to self: release aggression; non-confrontational. i really dont want to make things difficult for A~, or G. G is seriously one of the best-est best-est good-est person i know. he’s so incredibly sweet, and she is the same to him. 

the pea will go with me, i’m sure. i’m so glad the pea is not the jealous sort, totally funny in awkward situations. i think he’d enjoy this little meeting up a bit more than me. 


if we get invited then i’d worry la, g’s probably forgotten i exist. 

still, am incredibly happy for them!


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5 thoughts on “a&g are getting married!”

  1. Well… I guess I can commit to no sarcastic whispers – sniggers are instinctive man, don’t wanna commit to it in case I inadvertently let out a snigger or two… :p

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