dear xx:

we’ve both been through alot, whether it was an overpossive girlfriend who was unreasonable and sticky, or a boyfriend who disappeared for hours on end who might have enjoyed girls on the side. its all over and done with. sometimes i wonder what you say about me to your friends, just as i am sure you can guess the details i reveal to mine.

what makes the truth? our memories of our time together, and after all these YEARS, we both probably only remember the bad and not the good. the long sms-es. the epic fights. the door slammings. the talks @ the drain. and i have to admit, alot of my memories are of these. long time friends remind me whenever your name comes up. but i remember, now, the good times as well, the sailing, the long walks home from the mrt station, blading, cooking @ grandma’s, the fishing with the boys, dinner with your family. how much i loved your family.

i heard some things you said about me from a mutual friend. needless to say, i did not appreciate it. but i stop to stocktake, and realise i’ve also given my own friends similar impressions of you. i forgive you. i guess you dont feel you need it at this point. i am not trying to be big here. i am just tired of this ugly side of the both of us. we had good times together. we were good friends once. alot of my past blog entries were full of anger directed at you. i want to let it go.

let’s both stop it. good luck with regina, i hope it works out.

we were such great friends once, lets go back to that.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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