shirts and berms, love is in the air.

images courtesy of zenith stills

there’s nothing quite like CNY that makes everyone ask “so when are you and the pea tying the knot”, and i usually brush it off with a “oh yea, he’s still doing his masters, after that its pupilage and what nots.. ” but lets be honest, i am a girl. a girl who has been thinking about that perfect day. i had it all planned– from the music to the colours to the flowers.  plug and play– my fairytale.

but last week, dad asked me the same question, and i find myself considering the possiblity of actually having an outdoors wedding. i know. horror of horrors. this is cecilia-argh! sun! hand me an umbrella quick!- lim, not to forget my sweatophobia – would be quite funny if i absolutely refused to get near the pea.

anyway. my cousin directed me to this photographer, zenith stills to just check it out. and i absolutely fell in love with these images.

sueann(dunno if  she reads this), stephie and i in our cedar days, absolutely loved the button-down shirt and berms look.  (ok, i admit, a that time we were very into checkered shirts and berms) but same difference. oh my. how this couple Sophie & Augustine’s photoshoot totally rocked my socks.  i love love love the blue timberlands & red heels look. absolutely love it.

maybe i didnt realise then how mad i was for the look. even as i think back, my first boyfriend wore button downs and berms. stef’s super-talented-with-the-piano boyfriend is still donning the checkered shirts and sue’s (then) crushes were all checkered-and-berm-ies. perhaps it is time the pea started to think about a new casual dressing theme — is this an obvious enough hint?

button-downs and berms and timberland boats — still my favourite after all these years.

maybe we can opt for one of those advant garde weddings where i get to wear flowers in my hair, and sneakers on my feet. tiger onizukas, baby.  how cool would that be.

its my party.


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