new york, stewed pork

i dont know if time in new york passes fast or slow, i cant decide. i am by nature, not an early riser, but over here, in the cold, i find myself up at the ungodly hour of 8 am, fretting about the business back home. it is funny, i usually am pretty slow and prickly in the mornings. here, i get out of bed, fold up whatever needs folding (clothes pile, duvet) then head off to the kitchen to make breakfast.

my time here (since west point) can be remembered by the food cooked really. back from west point, the pea and i were exhausted, grumpy and all in all over exerted. after the 2 hour bus ride (slow traffic due to the snow), we took the subway back to this part of the woods. the walk was bad (cold due to the snow, slushy due to the snow, long and slippery due to the snow), but we got home, too exhausted, so we called in take-out. unfortunately, it didnt come with the little chinese carton boxes ala movies. neither did i get a fortune cookie. i hear though they are orange flavoured fortune cookies. so its alright. i dont want them anyway.

then the next night i made oden for dinner (yes, there’s this terribly messy japanese supermarket here in greenwich, which had everything), it was lovely and piping hot. then there was chicken stew (leftover daikon) & porridge the next night, fried mee pok, then there was vegetable broth (leftover daikon) with sweet potatoes. its funny and i am thankful the pea accepts my strange eating habits because the night after we had porridge, we had porridge for breakfast. i schemed it such that there would be left over porridge in the pot, and i had pickles pickles and more pickles with it. the yellow japanese ones, and the brown ones, stewed sweet with roe.

dont get me wrong, we do eat out, alot. yes, dont worry i am getting my fix of american grub. the pea eats 3 full meals a day. lunch is usually diner grub. omelettes, burgers, hotdogs..

last night we stayed at the waldorf astoria. it was lovely. truly lovely. i liked every minute of it. we had the best fillet mignon in our lives– yes, the decadence of in-room service. the room had a walk in closet, how wonderful is that?! and oh my, dont get me started on the sheets.  i think the decision to actually stay at the Waldorf was right, seriously.

then, true to his word, the pea and i went to bloomingdales, to central park (& wollman skating rink) then to serendipity 3. (remember my wish for a serendipity christmas?). oh the desserts at serrendipity! oh the sundaes! mother of god, they were good. we each ordered a different one. and oh my, we ate till we were a little green. i mean it. we both were laughing at ourselves after because my tummy actually stuck out from ice-cream. (more so than usual, so that’s saying something) and we only managed to each eat half of our respective sundaes.

pictures to come.

oh yea, i did get lost. as in separated from the pea. it happened in the strand. this massive 3 floor bookshop. they have this amazing rare book section. first editions. i asked for permission to open one, boy did that feel like a sacrilege. oh my god. visual orgasms. floor to ceiling of all these old (i mean really really old) books. there was the first edition of JK Rowling’s Sorcerer’s stone, chair, which i wanted, but i very much like the Philosopher’s Stone version better. i think only you would get the difference.

anyway, the pea and i got separated because i, obviously wandered too far off on my own. the bottom floors are like kinokuniya. oh my. we spent a good 2 hours just in the strand.

sorry this post is very rambly, i am still having the tummy ache from serendipity’s amazing sundaes. (do you know there’s always a queue for serendipity? on weekends the wait can be up to 4 hours), hence the pea decided to have a simple vegetable broth for dinner tonight. just wnated to jot down these memories and then expound on them when there’s more time.

we scored tix to the nutcracker at the Lincoln on jan 2!

oh yea, and i am finally over the jet lag. it was so bad the pea and i popped out to actually buy me some sleeping aids. it is so weird, because i usually can sleep anywhere anytime, but this body is getting old maybe– or just being disagreeable. so at nights i spend awake and hooting like an owl (literally, hahaha)  and the days i am ready to snap off the pea’s head.

yes yes i am taking in the sights of new york as well. and — i’ve finished 4 books in the last week i’ve been here,  i blame the jet lag.

i will expound and reedit this post. right now we’re gonna catch a movie. :)

merry christmas.


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