West Point

The pea and I are snowed in – literally. New York is facing one of its coldest days yet, and we’re experiencing what they call – euphemistically – a “blustery” day.  Blustery, apparently, is about 10-15 inches of snow. Go figure. By the way, the temp’s now about -15 degrees celcius, coz we’re up in the mountains. No bears though, that’s a relief.

We’re up in west point, about an hour and a half from NYC. The views are breath-taking, and the weather takes your breath away. Literally. We’re very cold. And we tried to catch snow flakes on our tongues! The snow here is virgin right, pure as they come. We left our first trails in the snow tonight, and with trembling fingers took a few pictures to remember this night.

We’re on a military academy. But as far as we see, everything’s covered in white. It’s lovely, with its naked trees. And at night, with the street lights on, you can actually see the snow being blown horizontally. Such is the strength of the wind here. We had dinner in the dining hall downstairs, and watched old couples sway to a live band belting out oldies. Really crappy dancing, but they did it anyway. Guess it must be something about being up here in the mountains.

We hope to return to the city tomorrow. The Hudson is already semi-frozen, and after the snow, it’s sure to freeze up completely. After the snow, activities like trekking, boating and fishing are out of the question. Haha. As if I’m that kinda girl anyways.

In love with snow. But my nose is freezing off. The pea says I have to cover my ears if not they’ll fall off too. I have taken to wearing my fluffy eye-pillow (the one to block out light when sleeping on the plane, except this one is fluffy and bought in Japan on transit) on my face to cover my nose.  It is quite a sight. Never thought I’d say this, but I miss the city, after only 12 hours out here. The winds are just too much to handle up here in the mountains, amongst other things. 

By the way, we didn’t pack extra clothes – we only came wearing 3 layers each, and brought spare underpants. Note to self: never – NEVER – head off upstate without packing at least another layer again. Guess we’ll be hitting the giftshop for sweaters tomorrow! Did I mention that it was MINUS 15 degrees?!?


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