leaving tomorrow night

hello lovelies.

i leave on the night of the 17th, and i am still awake, tonight, at 2.45 am trying to finish my paper work.

my luggage at this point is still empty, but the tinkelbel promises to come over to help me pack in a flurry tomorrow night.

there is still much to be done.

meeting at 8 30 am, pick up laundry, submit accounts, activate the amex card, travel insurance, pack pack pack, have my surprise birthday dinner with the family (yes, i think only the prefect doesnt know i know about the surprise dinner but its ok, because she planned it and wont be reading this blog until after the fact); e-invoicing; send out email to say i’m outstation; settle the puppies and their food; get heat packs from marina square; pack pack pack.

and i do hope i can squeeze in a little time to get the eyebrows shaped before i fly.

books i settled already. i can’t wait to just chill out in the plane and READ!

maybe i should pop by the doctors’ tomorrow to get the ear drops for my ear pains in flight.

also can someone please remind me to pack the air sickness bands because i know me, and i know i’d be feeling sick as a dog on landing and take off.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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